Welcome to Secure Horizons Investment Counselors.  We are committed to helping homeowners maximize the return on their personal investments and minimize personal expenses.


Today's real estate market has created an unprecedented drop in home prices resulting in hardships for 1 out of 5 people in America.  Due to the limited help from the government and banks, alternate strategies need to be employed to create hope for the future.



Home Retention360™ is a "whole-approach" to helping distressed homeowners maximize returns on real property investment, increase the probability of retaining a home and assist in creating a personal budget/plan for any future events.  Home Retention360™ is based on the current market conditions and is designed to assist in most of the unique circumstances homeowners are facing.


Home Retention360™ is all about knowing your personal finances, making a plan and executing a profit-maximizing strategy.  

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About Us

Our team has experience in areas of finance, real estate, bankruptcy, law and economics.  Our carefully selected team operates innovatively, efficiently and with high moral standards.


Most of our team has personally dealt with their own investment problems in the current real estate market.  They understand the unwanted emotions and stress that many homeowners are dealing with and know how to handle them with care; but more importantly with objectivity.


Our team has improved their situations and are enthusiastic about helping others.  Bottom line is, WE CARE.  Learn more about us, by browsing our website.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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